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HPI Fully Preloaded Injection System

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The HPI disposable injection system is fully-preloaded with a bi-sign aspheric, heparin surface modified, HEP 1 XO or HEP 1Y XO IOL, for easy preparation and injection.

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HPI System
HPI preloaded system
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Features and Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Available fully preloaded (as HEP 1 HPI & HEP 1Y HPI) or in a conventional lens case (as HEP 1 XO & HEP 1Y XO)
  • Next generation aspheric optics - bi-sign aspheric design
  • Square Edge Design - 360° sharp edge, designed for a low PCO rate
  • Refractive index equal to PMMA - Minimizes unwanted images and glare
  • Haptics designed for axial stability and predictable refractive outcomes
  • Made from ultra-high-purity hydrophobic acrylic polymer and a proprietary cryo-lathing process with no glistenings
  • Designed to eliminate capsular bag stretching
  • All the benefits of blue-blocking (HEP 1Y HPI) and heparin surface modification
  • Haptics designed for axial stability and predictable refractive outcomes
Lens Specifications

Available in Preloaded and Non-preloaded Configurations

  HEP 1 HPI (preloaded)
HEP 1 XO (non-preloaded)
HEP 1Y HPI (preloaded)
HEP 1Y XO (non-preloaded)
Lens Material: Hydrophobic Hydrophobic
Optic Design: Bi-sign aspheric Bi-sign aspheric
Overall Diameter: 13.0mm 13.0mm
Optic Diameter: 6.0mm 6.0mm
Haptic Angulation:
A-Constant*: 117.8 117.8
AC-Depth*: 4.8 4.8
Refractive Index: 1.49 1.49
Heparinized Surface: Yes Yes
Color: Clear Yellow
Power Range:
(in 0.5D increments)
+4.0 to +30.0D (preloaded)
+4.0 to +34.0D (non-preloaded)

*A-Constant and AC-Depth are estimated and not based on clinical data.

Surgery Video

HPI Surgery Video